Students armed with a diploma in sports management can take up a number of jobs in the sports industry. Jobs are available in sports marketing and sponsorship, sports media (traditional and social media), sports facilities, event management, retail, and more. Some of the top careers within the sports management field are as follows:

  • Sports Marketing Manager
  • Athletic Director
  • Coaches and Scouts
  • Sports Agents
  • Sports Promoters
  • Sports Scientist, Video and Data Analyst to name a few!
Career Pathways

Many companies and organizations hire sports management professionals. Perhaps the common type of company is that of sports teams. Amateur, collegiate, and professional sports teams all need managers, marketers, public relations specialists, agents, and coaches. Some companies hire people with sports management degrees too, including sports networks, athletic apparel companies, sports goods sales and advertising companies, marketing and public relations firms, and other organizations.

There is no dearth of jobs in the exciting new field, if you are suitably qualified.

Possible Job Opportunities & Career Pathways on completion of Sports Management Courses:

  • With sports teams- Amateur, Professional, Collegiate, Club, & Corporate sports teams all need managers, marketers, public relations specialists, agents, and coaches.
  • With Govt / Corporate bodies running Sports Excellence Programmes
  • With Professional Leagues in various capacities, with Individual franchises right from the level of CEO/ COO downwards
  • With Regional/ Local Premier Leagues and Celebrity Leagues in various states.
  • With the 52 approved Indian Sports Federations, which as per Sports Ministry Regulations, will soon need to employ trained, qualified sorts management professionals at each level.
  • With various Private Organisations and Franchisees running major Sports teams and Tournaments, and Mega sports events, in various capacities at different levels
    With Sports Management companies and Sports Event Management companies, which number more than 500 as on date, and are growing exponentially
  • With Sports goods and sports Apparel Companies like Puma, Nike, Adidas, Decathlon etc
  • In sports journalism and commentary and Digital/ social media
  • In Global Sports Tourism Companies
  • With Boarding schools / Residential Colleges / Campuses running Serious Sports Programmes for students, as Head of Sport.
  • With Community Sports Centres and at Sports Academies running Grass Roots level Programmes.
  • In Sales related to sport, be it Ticket sales or Merchandise
  • In companies that deal with sports finance and Sponsorships
  • In Sports Branding and PR firms
  • In Sports Analytics firms
  • As Sports Agents and Talent Scouts etc.