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Introduction to Sports Management

A Sports Management degree takes the student from being just a fan, or a player, and teaches him or her, the Business of Sports!A few years ago, sports management was a barely known curriculum, and the field itself was limited and poorly defined. Front-office jobs were usually filled with former players or coaches.

Now, a formal sports management qualification prepares you for a career that combines business and athletics. The specialized curriculum for this program helps you develop skills and knowledge that sports management staff previously gained by trial and error or through on-the-job-training.

This is a field that by its nature is highly competitive. Despite (or maybe because of) its glamour — celebrity athletes, multimillion-dollar contracts, the expertly packaged hype of televised games — sports is one of the toughest industries to work in, BUT, also one of the most rewarding and fulfilling!

You don’t need to be a former athlete or have family ties to break into sports management. The bottom line is that sports is a business, and companies are looking for employees with knowledge and experience to go along with their passion for sports.

People who work in sports management are interested in both sports and business. In B-schools, sports management professionals learn about finance, marketing, law, and business as they apply to the world of sports.

Growing within the sports management profession requires mastery of all the essential skills that the job requires – like people skills, good communication, teamwork, decision-making skills, organizational skills, and sound judgment. Of course, one needs to have passion and a comprehensive knowledge of sports.

Sports management professionals work as team managers, athletic directors, sports agents and recruiters, marketing and PR professionals, and more.

Sports management jobs require strong task management, as responsibilities will include a wide range of duties such as:
  • Event & Facilities/Resource Management
  • Marketing and Sales.
  • Handling Contracts and Endorsements.
  • Promotional Items
  • Digital/Social Media
  • Organising and Promoting Community Events