What we are offering?

What you would be studying in the Classroom?

The Course Syllabus includes topics on Management and Planning of sports events and leagues and teams, both professional and amateur, Sports Event Management & Brand Building, the Business of Sport including Sponsorship Funding & Franchisees, handling Media and TV conferences and deals for Event Telecasting Rights, Player Auctions, Sports Tourism, Laws related to Sport and their arbitration, Creation and Management of Sports Facilities and Equipment, Ethics and Sportsmanship, International Sports Management and the Planning and Logistics of hassle free travel for sports teams and viewers to competition venues all over the world, managing individual sportsmen and an overview of their training processes and patterns, Nutrition and Psychology, specialized sports support staff and services, major sports bodies and their functioning.

Learning From Eminent Guest Speakers

  • Our students get to learn from our wonderful Guest Speakers, who are household names in world of Sports and the Sports Industry, including former World Champions and National Sporting Legends, who would share their unique Experiences and Perspectives with them.
  • Our Guest Speakers are expected to include current sports industry professionals and sports celebrities, all of whom have made the country proud.

Beyond The Classroom: Learning From Internships

To follow up the acquisition of this unique knowledge in the classroom, students would continue their experiential learning by doing, and create their own pathways in the industry, in a unique, intensive, on the job internship program, that gives them work exposure even while they are learning.

We will be working with leading sports Companies and Sporting Events, where our students can do their internships in India.